I’m Caiti, an artist, a designer, an amateur cook, and an expert eater. This website was created to combine all of my creative elements despite their vast differences because of their incessant ability to overlap and combine. My painting is how it all started. Recognisable through its broad brush strokes, expressionist style and abundant layering of colours, I truly began exploring the medium once I had left school and had the freedom to. I have since held two exhibitions of my paintings, Whimsical Oddities (2013) and No Space (2016), participated in the Belconnen Arts 50th Birthday Exhibition (2016), developed numerous commissioned pieces and created artworks for local products and a collaboration candle launch

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Wanting an avenue to also create a minimalist form of art or illustration, but not feeling it was appropriate through paint and canvas, I was instead drawn toward graphic design. I studied and have since worked in this field, learning to create designs and images that were simplistic and clean. These skills complimented my communication strengths and I soon began working with several small businesses to help develop branding solutions for their needs.

Wanting to expand my skills even further, I began developing my photography. This was done through shots and styling of what was most important to me at the time, eating and my discovery of cooking.

And so this is how the last element is drawn into my creative chaos. As my photography skills grew I soon began sharing my vegetarian cooking creations and finding more pleasure in developing easy and healthy recipes. I blogged many of them under the name Plant Fuelled Chaos, and after a little persuasion from those around me, I ventured into the adventure of creating a cookbook. 

Plant Fuelled Chaos took me just over two years to complete and was released in December 2018. I chose to self-publish for the creative control it gave me over its development, allowing me to not only include recipes of my creation but my words, art and design. It is available as a limited batch purchase from this site.

Going forth, I will undoubtedly be developing a new creative project soon so watch this space. x

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